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  • Balenciaga Triple S sale

    Over the past few years, old photos of Allen and Miller in the Nike Air More Money Black Friday Sale have surfaced on social media and the Internet. Along with the photos, some of the OG sneaker collectors have dusted off their Air Moneys and posted online as well. As more and more people talked about the Money, interest has obviously grown. There was still no sign of a retro until a revamped model surfaced last August. VICELAND’s Desus and Mero showed off a strange new version of the Air Money – a customized model with a swappable shroud and an Air More Uptempo sole instead of the OG sole.

    The Nike Air Money and Nike Air More Uptempo Black Friday Sale were both released in 1996 as hoops shoes. Not everyone took to them because their designs were a little too out there for most people's taste. The Nike Air Money's upper was crafted from a full-grain upper and ballistic mesh, but its most distinctive feature was its shroud cover with side lacing system. There were two NBA players who rocked the Air Money in 1996 – Reggie Miller and Ray Allen. After that year's season, the Air Money disappeared in the mainstream.

    When the Nike Air Huarache Run Black Friday Sale and Uptempo dropped in ’96, everything about them, from the visible air to their block letters, was bold. So it stood to reason that any combination of the two would have to capture that same fearless spirit of innovation. Welcome to the Air More Money, an audacious creation dropped onto humanity twenty-one years after its predecessors.