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    I’ve known Greg Strosaker for several years, originally through, and now as a fellow running blogger over at Predawn Runner. Greg and I have discussed footwear frequently in the past, and about three years ago he wrote a post here on Nike Air Max 2016 Donne Runblogger about his move into neutral footwear. Greg has since broken the 3:00 barrier in the marathon, and he contacted me a few weeks back about writing a post on his further migration into more minimal shoes and his experience dealing with some issues that have impacted his running form. Here Greg shares a bit of his story, and some information on exercises he found useful in his attempt to gain control of his big toe and improve mobility of his ankle. Having missed several months of each of the last two years with injury, I’ve been seeking a way to become more injury resistant and therefore consistent in my training. While being able to PR each year in the marathon (down to a 2:52 in 2012), it feels like a constant game of catch-up when you have to start back from many weeks on the bench.Driven also by a desire to get into Nike Air Max 90 Homme more minimalist shoes, if only for their lighter weight, I’ve invested significantly in strength training and mobility work. But it seems I was never able to make a serious Nike Air Max 2017 Femme effort to get stronger and better where I needed to be, focusing instead on general core or hip work. Granted, this is a helpful part of the process, but maybe it’s best categorized as necessary but not sufficient.So the past several months I’ve taken a more serious look at how to get more injury resistant through form improvements – moving to a softer/lighter/quicker landing, with my foot underneath the body instead of out ahead of it, resulting in less heel striking – and ultimately supported by appropriate footwear.While some things came easily, specifically the gross motor gains (like a more stable core and stronger calves) and some form improvements (such Adidas NMD Mujer as a faster stride rate) – all of which I discuss in a post on moving to a midfoot strike on Predawn Runner, longtime readers of Runblogger will be familiar with some Nike Air Presto Womens of the fine motor and neuromuscular requirements that can ease a transition into more minimalist running. These include:An ability to dorsiflex your ankle by at least 25 degrees (i.e., toes towards your knee)The ability to control your big toe (particularly as a way of reacting to being off-balance)If you rush your path to minimalism and can’t meet these requirements, you are, per Physical Therapist Jay Dicharry’s thoughts and experience, more prone to injury. And maybe I was a bit guilty of that ahead of my second injury, Achilles tendinitis, which I suffered by moving to a lower heel-to-toe drop shoe too quickly.I’m going to ignore the first point on balance and focus on the other two, largely because a timely diagnosis from my chiropractor and massage therapist pointed out the challenges I had in these areas. First, I was Nike Air Force 1 Femme most definitely unable to isolate the flexor hallucis brevis – my big toe could not move independently of the others. This was true of the abductor hallucis as well – I couldn’t Nike Air Max 90 Mens spread my big toe away from the others.Second, I had limited mobility (for both dorsiflexion and plantarflexion) in my right ankle. This was probably the residual effect of playing a season of soccer my senior year on a sprain and never really focusing on getting it back to full strength, compounded the past season by trying to protect my Achilles tendon when running and not allowing my ankle to flex naturally.