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solid wood composite floor

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  • solid wood composite floor

    declare Their own company brand outside mount balusters to go But in fact, their flooring and other products, the quality of what depends on the ability of the manufacturer. If these companies find some small manufacturers on behalf of the processing, the quality of the product can not be guaranteed.'can i paint decking board with fence paint The default is OEM, more than 20 yuan Responsible for selling more than 100 items in the decorative material market of Hailun Road. When the reporter
    made an unannounced visit,pvc lumber outlet he also received information that the decoration company purchased the unbranded floor with its own brand name. Will the manufacturers allow their products to be branded? How much profit space does this have? After many twists and turns, the reporter contacted a company specializing in the production of laminate wood flooring in Langfang City,teak wood floor swimming pool drawing and the manager surnamed Yu. This company is engaged in
    promotions, group purchase discounts.wooden bathroom tiles singapore 'Are we specializing in wood flooring?' 'Yes, where are you? Need a floor?' 'I'm on the Qingdao side. What are our floor prices?' 'There are more than 20 yuan and more than 100 yuan.' There is a variety of price points.' 'What brands are we producing? I'm a decoration company here. advantages of wood screwsCan you use your brand name to decorate the company without your brand?' 'Yes, no problem. When do you