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  • our decoration materials have their

    products you see, no factory, they are all generations.18 in hollow core slab interior fence Workers' production only has some good hardware conditions.” Not only did he admit that his own brand floor was produced by other factories, but the “real” customer service manager also included an insider’s introduction to some of the decoration to install outdeck wood floor However, the reporter saw the advertisement of 'factory decoration' on the company's website, and claimed that
    'Qingdao has a company that can truly realize factory-oriented home improvement', that is,how much should a replacement deck cost Le Haosi. The vague advertising words gave the public a misunderstanding of the concept of the factory. 'The current situation is indeed the proliferation of OEM production. It can't be said that this is not good,2x4 pvc lumber in hong kong but the free-standing labeling makes the responsible party become more vague. If there is a problem, look for the manufacturer or find a
    decoration company?' Some insiders expressed decking for salt water composite 2017 The reporter learned in the consultation that Lehos's warranty period for each decoration building material is different. 'The overall decoration is a two-year warranty.' The staff said. Relying on the monthly revenue of RMB 10,000 yuan, the reporter,cheapest way to replace a wood privacy fence as an applicant, came to the Lehhouse decoration company located near Haier Road. 'Our recruiting positions are all telephone