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    enterprises, but also caused "fake and inferior products" to flood.prefabricated wall panels between post and beam frame It is also learned that in 2005, the total sales volume of the Chinese wooden floor market was about 150 million square meters, and the market has become saturated. Therefore, composite vs cedar trim housesome experts pointed out at the beginning of this year that the price war in the flooring industry may intensify in 2006 and believe that prices Warfare and counterfeit products come together. We use
    the laminate flooring as an example to demonstrate this point of view.vinyl lattice panels singapore In recent years, the market share of “five inferior plates” has been as high as 30% to 40%, and they mainly rely on false propaganda and low price temptations to attract consumers.keeping your deck dry underneath In addition, the laminate flooring technology has a high content of technology, the process is complex, and the evaluation index project More often than not, consumers are difficult to
    visually identify product quality and performance and fall into low-cost traps.pools with decks around them yo Because these inferior plates are difficult to visually recognize, it is often "200,000 rpm" that can't withstand 200 rpm, and "30-year warranty" can't be guaranteed for 3 months.the best patio plastic decking Not only does it make consumers suffer, but it also deteriorates. Strengthen the image of "high-quality, high-tech content" products on the floor. Under the impact of “five bad boards” and