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How to lay real wood floor?

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  • How to lay real wood floor?

    real wood floor is belonged to cannot renewable resources, as use up and decrease with each passing day, the country such as India also reduced the export of lumber recently, accordingly, future of real wood floor is sure is the choice that a few high end decorate only. Wood plastic composite WPC Fence Post Floor of outdoor wood regards real wood floor as best substitute, retained the comfortable foot feeling of real wood floor already, still won't arise hard the formaldehyde problem of purify, and price of floor of outdoor wood is substantial. In future, floor of outdoor wood is sure to make the main trend of an outfit!
    Europe sends a floor to held water 2002, it is a major is engaged in multilayer the floor business that floor of floor, three-layer floor, real wood and aggrandizement produces. artificial decking material in Hong Kong Come for years all the time production of floor of wood of research of with great concentration, consecratory and outstanding floor product serves an innumberable families. Floor of outdoor wood is tall to business demand, the floor board of outdoor wood that only the enterprise of ten million level just can produce a qualification, europe sends a floor to taste competition ability to raise high yield, import advanced manufacturing facilities from Germany, the product protects 20 years character. Between normal life, problem of quality of every occurrence floor, all give sum refund is handled, let consumer be at ease.
    Draw materials of floor of real wood of Europe clique three-layer is high grade, handle meticulously. The product has outdoor wood layer of finishing layer, material of surface layer, core is formed, adscititious cover market of a protection. split level pool decks for above ground pools Wood expresses the natural fact of 3-4mm board, offerred sense of comfortable real wood foot, exterior gush drenched entrance firm not paint, raised wear-resisting and exterior brightness rate, the shop is installed more show atmosphere.
    Different wood is used to plant between layer and layer crisscross jackknife suppress, between lumber mutual drag in, overcame the systematic stress of lumber itself effectively, ensured lumber constancy form. exterior grade laminate countertops The formaldehyde with next when was being solved afraid people with better also floor of real wood of Europe clique three-layer pollutes a problem, choose all fronts of the glue that do not have aldehyde with advanced international to replace aldehyde kind glue, in producing a course implementation is added without formaldehyde, satisfy the real requirement of the consumer of health of each attention environmental protection.