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flooring industry adjusted its marketing

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  • flooring industry adjusted its marketing

    in charge of the new company entering the domestic market filed an objection.composite board floor extrusion He said: "The establishment of direct-operated stores has very high requirements for manufacturers, not only must have sufficient liquidity, but also have a sound management system and a mature marketing team, white decking front stepsand a company that has just begun to develop the domestic market does not have First of all, the domestic floor market is still not well-understood, and
    it is not entirely possible to work according to its own wishes.raised panel deck fence post Second, it is not familiar with local customs, living habits, etc., and can not effectively formulate appropriate marketing programs. Under the circumstances, if companies blindly set up direct-operated stores,wpc outdoor decking patterns they will bear no small business risks.” The lack of resources for investment agencies and low loyalty of agents is an important issue for export-oriented flooring companies
    that export to domestic sales.4 x 8 plastic lumber sheets weight Rationale in theory: In line with the principle of light assets, that is, borrow chicken eggs, with a small amount of resources (brand resources, product resources), pick up other people's resources (funds, venues, human resources and other resources) for my own use.4 inch composite decking However, most of the transformation floor companies are good at production, and the lack of brands and resources are often difficult. Even