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    out, compared with the IT course of study of well known, of Dongguan furniture " terrible " likelihood go even farther than. Dongguan furniture production value exports Decretive Panels For Decks the whole nation the first The reporter is exhibited a few times in the furniture of Dongguan on, many nonlocal manufacturer delegates express to the reporter: "The furniture of Dongguan is honest too fierce! " really, countrywide furniture annual produce made an appointment Exterior Vinyl Fencing 2Ft Height with 100 billion yuan last year, dongguan occupies 20 billion yuan, rank the whole nation the first; Furniture exit of the whole nation is 4 billion dollar, the furniture of odd Dongguan exports the forehead to amount to 1.6 billion dollar, tall house whole nation the first. According to king of chairman of Dongguan furniture association embellish young surrounds for inflatable spa baths tiger introduces, at present Dongguan furniture production and relevant enterprise make an appointment with 2000, develop left and right sides of 180 thousand person from personnel of course of study, flower pot use composite board only hill of big mountain range with respect to assemble Taiwan furniture company and manufacturer of many 200 form a complete set, still include two to appear on the market among them company. As the development of furniture line of