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imitation of foreign staircases

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  • imitation of foreign staircases

    distributors and consumers. This spirit and this soul will be the intangible assets of the company. The role of improving the cultural connotation and added value of staircase products will be incalculable. Innovation should be pegged to culture China's staircase industry began with the production of foreign. staircase products and imitation of foreign staircases, which in turn led to the development of a variety of design components for the domestic market. With the passage of time, the domestic staircase industry has grown and the scale and production capacity of the company have grown rapidly. The drawbacks of homogenization have surfaced. Innovation is the main way to increase the added value of products, and it is in the most important position in the product value chain. Design innovation includes modeling innovation and functional innovation, and its essence is to increase the gold content of the product. Related links: no slip laminate flooring plank commercial floors composite wood look plastic horse fence