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wood flooring industry to cope with the adverse

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  • wood flooring industry to cope with the adverse

    thousands of domestic flooring manufacturers. Recently,high gloss vinyl flooring some well-known floor manufacturers and industry experts in China have made suggestions for the export problem of the composite wood flooring industry to cope with the adverse impact of anti-dumping on domestic flooring companies.plastic wood panels trinidad and tobago Flooring companies should unite and employ many lawyers to respond to Zhang Dongsheng, marketing director of Beijing Knoxenhua Flooring
    Co., Ltd. They believe that if all companies want to export,rhino vision composite decking they must actively face the reality of anti-dumping, participate in responding to international competition, and protect themselves. interest. If the company gives up this right, it will be like some industries. For example,sri lankan veranda design in the furniture industry, 11 enterprises participated in the anti-dumping case, and 7 companies responded. The minimum tax rate of the responding enterprise reached
    more than 4%. Of the 28%,composite decking australia the four companies that did not respond can also get an average tax rate of 21%. As for those tens of thousands of furniture companies that did not participate in anti-dumping, all of them "enjoy" the export tax rate to receive an additional 198% of the treatment,deck with shadow box railing and these enterprises will not have the opportunity to re-export. Therefore, floor companies should actively participate in the struggle for the