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    tropics lumber changes an Asia to the market gradually. Current, the intertropical log that the Asia absorbed nearly 70% Africa to export and lumber is machined first. After Japan and Korea exterior deck composite tiles machine African log, mix to Malaysia, Indonesia again Indian exit. of insecurity of supply of goods of market of lumber of near future white board? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Supply of goods of market of lumber of near future white board is carpet over your old outdoor deck nervous Issue date: 2002-1-17 origin: According to the market comprehensive information, close supply of goods of paragraph of material of time white board is nervous, each markets have valence not to have city. The market of countrywide main lumber such as harbor of Guangdong, Shanghai, Home Zhang cannot find Bai Mu almost. From the point of market demand,wpc wood planks lowes bai Mu is to be next to the wooden line of Ju wood to basically process raw material. And as a result of Bai Mu supply of goods is not worth, annul situation value, the price goes high. From the point of lumber prices, lumber market walks out of trough gradually, the beginning of the year is new heat wave of round of adornment is plastic deck and handrails boat sure to drive the ascendant trend with lumber new market. Decorate vicissitude of the market to