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market potential of solid wood flooring

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  • market potential of solid wood flooring

    Nowadays, more and more flooring companies are beginning to favor the third and fourth-tier markets and even the rural market. At the provincial and municipal level,balcony roofing floor price the agents hope to develop the second-level distributors, and the second-level urban agents will radiate to the county market to seek new growth points for profit. Low market operating costs As the investment in building stores,composite slat fence first and second-tier cities invest more,
    and decoration and design cost manufacturers are often to rebate or physical form of subsidies to dealers, dealers assume a greater operational risk. According to dealers' analysis,wall panels for garden walls the brands in the first-tier and second-tier cities have certain requirements for dealers' storefronts,does composite decking absorb smells and some even require large stores. Some dealers revealed that the off-season store sales are not enough to pay rent and property expenses. From the perspective of
    input-output ratio, the efficiency is not high. anti stick decking skid step platesIt is understood that first-tier and second-tier city floor dealers should build a 100-square-meter middle-and-high-end brand specialty store, which requires at least 500,000 startup funds, and only design expenses, templates, accessories, materials, to install no dig fencing -1000 yuan/square meter, the rent is paid quarterly and a one-month deposit is added. The construction of a 100-square-meter storefront in