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    million stere) . Will be my compatriots built henceforth board does the road of development where? The expert offers following ways: ① scientific ability changes, water proof pool deck pictures energy-saving fall bad news, want beneficial result to science and technology, want crop. ② quality is the key that man-made board industry survives, reduce cost, improving beneficial result is business development the only way. New-style and waterproof agent is in ③ particieboard make an composite planter box and in extensive promotion, application can obtain favorable result and economic benefits in the production of density beaverboard, can improve product quality, reduce free formaldehyde at the same time. ④ application detects newly, the apparatus that controls quality. ⑤ develops new product actively. The man-made of series of low poisonous glue that should organize outdoor travertine tile force to study development and international market conform board (class of E1, Eo) , mouldproof and flame retardant template, moth-proofing pledge template, gently and exceed pledge gently board, and all sorts of types that use in the circumstance outdoor and the accord with building modulus man-made of all sorts of norms board, composite pool fencing price extend man-made board product to be in the applied limits of bldg. , with changing our country man-made