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increased double much

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  • increased double much

    photograph 10 years ago increased double much. The wooden furniture of Japanese market basically comes from Europe and Asian area, wooden last year furniture added 25.7 billion yen pvc aluminum sheet Kenya from entrance forehead of Europe. Asian wooden furniture obtained great progress 10 years, do not listen to provide importer and shopkeeper to Japanese home almost recently complain or claim for compensation. Is Russia lumber developing important action:composite landscape timber retaining wall ideas in East Asia? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Russia lumber is producing main effect in East Asia Issue date: 2002-5-9 origin: Russia: The lumber of far east area is having main effect from beginning to end in market of East Asia lumber. 2000, the log that Japan imports is 4.9 million stere, synthetic fence boards sawn timber 700 thousand stere. Because Chinese economy grows quickly, add load material to endure strike, the lumber that needs an import is increasing. 200 years Chinese 6 x 8 cedar fence panels entrance estimates originally have 16 million stere, come from the more than 40 % of Russia among them. With compared 2000, increased 25 % . This material of the entrance has the needle leaf capable person such as deal not only,