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  • board already replaced

    maple) or in density board already replaced. Plywood consumes dosage to be restricted certainly. 3 it is in recent years the country is opposite entrance " commodities from external composite floor stone uk abnormal channel " plywood phenomenon blow is determined and powerful, obtained very good result, protected the development of ethical plywood industry. 4 be plywood market equilibrium of supply and demand, the sort of frying buy fried the demand false floor joists extend deck appearance that makes what sell artificially to also lose existence condition, plywood imports and exports entered the path of benign loop. Does European plank federation make new standard: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? European plank federation establishs new standard Issue date: 2002-5-29 outdoor co extrusion wood composite wpc decking origin: European plank federation (EPF) is aimed at in woodiness use in man-made board reclaim fibrous production business established a new product security and performance standard, the security in depending on ensuring the product is using a process mainly is not to reclaim fibrous content. Business of man-made fishing boat deck layout board production assures the woodiness of Europe of requirement of this new