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  • great resistance that man-made

    country the great resistance that man-made board grows. The hasten benefit of man-made board market avoids kill The place on put together is narrated, our country man-made Flame Retardant Composite Pool Fence board market development potential is tremendous, if develop ahead again, must hasten benefit avoids kill: The first, in view of worldwide inside amount of old way material decreases to already became calm situation and man-made board the grow in quantity of other breed, right amount reduce crop of our country plywood and market to have portion to already was become inevitable. The 2nd, change our 3X5 Composite Landscape Timber Fence country stage by stage position of company of man-made board production, consolidate area of the eastpart part, develop center-west region energetically, the market that pays attention to these areas breeds the job, make man-made board makes development western the main body of material of body of area structure wall. The 3rd, because silvan natural resources is outdoor flooring to cover wpc composite increasingly nervous, develop man-made board to use the dominant position of lumber integratedly, special should preferential development is directional compound layer accumulates structural board and Zhu Mu the