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The 5 big principles that wooden floor color chooses

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  • The 5 big principles that wooden floor color chooses

    a lot of people like tactility warmth, comfortable wood floor, the sort of wooden floor and color are various nevertheless, house advocate classics regular meeting feels dazed hold up is random, do not know to do it from where. Actually, the grain of wooden floor and color, can affect the style that occupies the home and atmosphere hog panel fence For example floor of deep brown log is relatively sweet and sedate light color of lubricious decorous and easy; , hoar attune contains; Walnut color of of smoke of recreational breath; recommends collocation to restore ancient ways, rural or the style such as countryside.Sandstone Wall Cladding Cape Town Consider the match colors of the wall in the home, furniture even at the same time,master each space detail, ability creates the warmest woodiness vacuum.
    Principle one, evaluate a room to spend brightly: Daylighting not beautiful avoids to elect brunet wood floor board
    When wooden floor retail sales compares pair of color, classics regular meeting because spot illuminant, and elected the wooden floor board that does not suit a room by accident, advocate the difference be caused by that because be a space,spends brightly.Plastic Roof For Balcony Thailand If evaluate inadequacy of daylighting of a priori in the home, be about to avoid to buy the wooden floor of too dark look as far as possible, lest is whole the space is too dark, let a space become narrow not merely small, more generation vision is oppressive feeling.
    Bright space is on wooden floor color relatively do not suffer be restricted; is like the daylighting in the home nevertheless not beautiful, want to avoid to choose dark look to tie a floor again.
    Principle 2, consideration area size: The cubby does not use the lubricious department that reduces a vision
    Colour can affect visual space sense, bright warm color has for example outspread action; floating deck over uneven concrete conversely, cool color, dark look has reduce the effect. Accordingly, before floor of wood of choose and buy, can ponder over the size of the area inside city first, if be space of number of little level ground only, suggest the choose and buy is bright the wooden floor of light color is beautiful. And the wooden floor with thick, heavy color, comfortable operable Yu Ping counts relatively ample space, can produce a calm, sedate feeling.