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    China's wood flooring (including bamboo flooring) industry will implement a production license system. This policy has Formally entered the certification implementation stage.echo deck a square meter to square feet It is expected that after a flexible transition period, unlicensed companies will no longer be able to engage in the production of the relevant floor; in the sales process, the product must also be marked with the production license number.plastic exterior rock wall panels According to Zhang Lin of
    the China Forest Products Industry Association,plans for decks on mobile homes the main reason for implementing the production license system in the wood flooring industry is that the floor production and sales volume in China has been increasing year by year. In the renovation, the proportion and quantity of consumers using wood flooring have also increased significantly.what is the thermal expansion of plywood Due to the illegal production of some small factories in the industry, a large number of low-priced
    sales of inferior products not only made the complaints about the quality of wood flooring market high, but also affected the image and interests of the entire industry.rubber floor mats outdoor The "permit" as an access system will promise to guarantee the quality of wooden flooring from the source.wood composite floor iran According to another understanding, the production license system is mandatory. As long as the state announces a certain product to implement a production