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floor industry continues to turmoil

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  • floor industry continues to turmoil

    attention. The proportion of “after 80′′ consumer groups is increasing. low cost balcony composite floor turkeyIn recent years, the proportion of “80s” consumer groups is increasing day by day. This consumer group prefers fashionable and cutting-edge flooring products. Some merchants seize this consumption feature and launch it during the May 1st period.ipe timber heat value Many new products with fashion as the selling point, the market response of this part of the product is relatively
    good. Many floor companies have introduced too few products for the "post-80s" group, which will become an important part of the future floor market.This week,picture framing deck stairs the floorboard market was quite similar to last week. The overall transaction volume was slightly deformation deck veneer installation Antique floorboards and flooring billet trades showed a slight increase compared to last week. Prices of the floor blanks were somewhat increased. Strengthen the floor:
    Strengthen the decline of the floor is obviously a lot of power companies to take precautions,2 composite decking prices because in recent years has been relying on imitation leather tile, imitation marble series and other new products to stabilize the market, light new products every year to do a few dozen, otherwise unable to meet consumer demand, more difficult Against the challenges of flooring,raised full wall paneling designs such as solid wood and cork, it is very stressful. From the standpoint