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attention from overseas to domestic markets

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  • attention from overseas to domestic markets

    rate of RMB to the U.S. dollar continued to grow. hardwood floor tile lookAccording to the exchange rate difference from the beginning of the year to the present, Change the case, each export 10 million US dollars of products will earn less than 160 million yuan. Mr. Jin is the head of the marketing department of a wood product manufacturing company in Jilin Province. The main product produced by the company is the floor.outdoor recycle wood in uk According to Mr. Jin's introduction,
    the company was originally a flooring factory specializing in export business. Over the past ten years, Years have been engaged in overseas sales. However, since the beginning of this year,water absorption of composite deck the exchange rate between the Renminbi and the U.S. dollar has been on the rise.composite wood floor for garden If the floor for export is still sold at the original price, the profit of the company will be constantly compressed and it is now on the verge of cost-price sales. 'The most
    afraid of export-oriented enterprises is the exchange rate changes,wood plastic thermoforming especially the RMB against the US dollar exchange rate, as long as the appreciation of the renminbi, corporate exports are affected, the higher the appreciation, the greater the loss of profits.purchase fence panels 'The company's major customers include some countries in Europe, the United States, Asia, South Korea, Japan, customers with the checkout is through the US dollar, and the