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    company purchases timber and other raw materials are through the RMB,wood material for fence tunisia that is, the equivalent of RMB appreciation of the product Disguised price. He calculated the balance for the author. On January 8, the exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar was 6.8279, while that of November 6 was 6.6675. According to the exchange rate differential of 0.1604, for every 10 million U.S. dollars exported,composite decks cost calculator mexico the company made less money Up
    to more than 160 million yuan. Although Mr.railings for wood composite landings apartments Kim is not willing to disclose to the author what the specific export volume is, he still told the author that according to the export situation in previous years and the export growth in recent years, the export value in one month may be good Millions of dollars',fir decking material distributors that is to say, the loss caused by exchange rate changes must not be just a 1.6 million yuan. Rising appreciation of RMB and increasing
    pressure In fact, under the pressure of RMB appreciation,deck floor outdoor tropical fans the export-to-domestic sales have become a means by which a number of export-oriented enterprises have to take measures to resolve the pressure of appreciation. On the 29th, during the interview, plastic railroad tie manufacturerI learned that many export-oriented enterprises are turning their attention from overseas to domestic markets. The purchasing potential in the domestic market is growing day