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    of the industry that finish fifty-five million eight hundred and ninety-nine thousand yuan, amplitude 102.2% . 3 index amplitude all list entire county a kind of villages building a wood deck for kennel and towns the first. Among them the 5 companies pay taxes such as industry of industry of restful and group of Jiangsu Fu Qing, black line of business flourishing wood, arboreous course of study, Lin Zhiyuan timber, Ji Jiang timber enters entire county extend picket fence height of a list of names posted up 50 strong, part a row the 10th, 23, 24, 35, 37. This town upgrades according to transition, put a quantity to optimize, zoology expands a demand, exert oneself gives aid to in policy, assist in managing service, encourage guide, the model is driven, move is big bring wait for a respect by force to make great efforts, Landscaping Treated Wood For Floor do ceaselessly do strong industry to press down this by force greatly " cake " , advance new-style industrialized development quickly. This town around make first " famous city of plank of Chinese zoology household " , develop next " Chinese zoology lives in a famous city " this is certain, closely bite into,Waterproof Deck Around Pool In Philippines the heart is not had by look for, for a long time is result, exert oneself to do sth.