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Alburnum and duramen

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  • Alburnum and duramen

    wingceltis says to tag. Alburnum and duramen distinction are extremely clear, alburnum is ashen to dust-colour, duramen is shown rufous to chestnut Brown, outdoor deck membrane for tile brunet stripe distributings even and close, more successive, brim clarity. New tangent plane is small aroma having sick at heart, long do not have special flavor. In in market of high-end annatto furniture has particular market to have an amount. Fizzle out at doing a subfloor for a deck reaching foot for distinction " of wingceltis " old annatto, somebody general cling to in yellow wingceltis and yellow wingceltis of abstruse family name call " of " new annatto. Both market price is similar, material lubricious decorative pattern and micromechanism also very photograph resembling, average person distinguishs hard. multi colored composite decking picnic table design the 3rd kind: of yellow wingceltis of abstruse family name Common weighs white acerbity branch, its grain slants yellow, the wood of red acerbity branch inside GB annatto kind, be like Hainan outdoor shotgun racks decking chrysanthemum pear, once was called for a time the substitute of Hainan chrysanthemum pear, what the grain of a little white acerbity branch also comparatives is beautiful. the 4th kind: of small sunken yellow wingceltis?It is the wood of red