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flooring companies should increase

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  • flooring companies should increase

    square meters of solid wood planks, building a rooftop deck in chicago200 million square meters of laminate flooring, 60 million square meters of parquet, 25 million square meters floor.china exterior floor design Exports are more than 90 million square meters, imports of more than 700 million square meters, has developed into a global wood flooring production and consumption power. Professionals believe that the next few years, China's wooden flooring industry will continue to be in a period of
    vigorous development.marine grade mahogany faced plywood According to Zhang Wenling, in terms of the domestic market, China's per capita GDP will quadruple by 2020, which is good news for the wood flooring industry. "In the international market, in recent years, the export of wood flooring in our country has been increasing by more than 40% every year.resin decking sheet price Taking the U.S. market as an example, the demand for building materials market is eight times that of our country,
    so the potential international business opportunities for wood flooring are huge .plastic fencing two feet high glass "Although China's wood flooring industry has a broad market prospect, it is also facing the problems of low level and repeated competition. As early as 2004, China's wood floor production reached 2 58 million square meters, an annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan, has attracted a lot of money and business influx.price deck armour As of 2007, there have been at