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    great capacity, circumjacent bank beach already appeared to bedding face accumulates deposit and form dam of the sand that join an island, destroyed marine and natural composite scaffolding plank style and features. 3 inferior city phoenix island fills sea project to gain maritime space access with harbor of international passenger transport and name of passenger liner harbor, but basically use actually at estate and hotel development, because fill an wood deck life vs composite deck island to cause current change, 3 inferior bay western water front is eroded, must open up for repair bank beach gigantic endowment right 3 inferior the bay undertakes filling artificially sanded. In addition, local organisms' habits destroys a few natural groove guard wait for a problem to still be highlighted quite, violate torrefied wood in compound plastcs compasses examine and approve, violate compasses construction, and develop only, not the phenomenon such as repair still sees more. For example, group of superintend of central the 5th average price to build a deck in colorado springs environmental protection points out, sichuan saves problem of environment of natural groove guard to see more, precious of upper reaches of river of Lu city mayor still has 19 dock, 57 place inside groove guard of nature of level of