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The use of renewable resources.

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  • The use of renewable resources.

    Wood is a renewable, recyclable and totally biodegradable product. This product is a primary producer in that it only requires its natural habitat to develop and grow. The sun, water and soil along with the seed produced from another tree is all required to make this raw product. Wood uses less energy to process than steel, concrete, plastic and aluminum. It is used for insulation and has low thermal diffusivity (measure of how quickly a material can absorb heat from its surroundings). The only downside is wood made of certain species of wood will not be as dense and strong as others and would require some type of treatment to be usable outdoors. The new technology now available has opened doors to allow other wood to be available that has otherwise been unaccessible. Pressure treated decking has been the most commonly used lumber. This lumber is in-expensive, readily accessible and easy to install. The chemicals used to treat lumber, has helped its resistance to insects, decay and mold/fungus. The only problem is the chemicals used to pressure treat the lumber has been chromated copper arsenate, a toxic chemical used until about 2003 and now other chemicals are used such as copper azone but no current information has been supplied as to whether it is any less hazardous also CCA is still being used in certain industrial and marine applications. This hardwood is one of the strongest densest woods available. The fire spread is rated the same as concrete and steel. The lifetime of the wood without a UV inhibitor is 40 plus years and with the inhibitor over 100 years. This is the deck you will get to enjoy without all the maintenance. The Forest Stewardship Council will certify that your lumber comes from a responsibly managed forest. Now that is as eco-friendly as it gets. " outdoor decking uk address , Plastic Outdoor Log Furniture " " synthetic dock materials review , screened porch tongue and groove flooring "