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    evil living things 21 kinds, include disease of 9 kinds of forest and pest of 12 kinds of forest. In recent years too port lumber entrance measures the how to build a pavillion 24x32 storehouse to rise continuously, annual imported lumber to already achieved 11.13 million stere 2017, goods is worth 1.76 billion dollar, grow 25.4% respectively compared to the same period, 35.3% , achieve this port to import lumber new record. Import log among how to use sun frog sealant on a fence them 7.984 million stere, goods is worth 1.16 billion dollar, grow 37% respectively compared to the same period, 49.9% ; Entrance sawn timber three million one hundred and forty-seven thousand nine hundred stere, goods is worth 600 million dollar, grow 3.2% respectively compared to the same period, 13.9% . Grow considerably as cover wood deck with vinyl what lumber entrance measures, too personnel of port lumber quarantine uses the warehouse risk management concept, force of reasonable deploy quarantine, those who realized epidemic situation armor garage deck paint customer reviews risk is efficient prevent accuse. 17 years global log price rises continuously The log of major area of 3 quarters world rose in price 2017. Because the dollar depreciates, 2017 2 quarters with local money denotive price rises be less