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    Chengdu interest sleeps science and technology is a such a dark horse. Current, the interest sleeps science and technology attracts wind to invest gold to cross 100 million yuan of RMBs,attach a plastic post to a concrete floor appraise is worth more than 200 million dollar, firm researcher is occupied become than be as high as 6, already owned 40 multinomial patent now. this advocate the furniture company that makes software does not serve as with check of wire private sample pictures of laminate flooring in hallways parts sell a site, hold a network mainly however promotion is mixed a hair channel, it is main distinguishing feature in order to innovate with science and technology, reach collaboration quickly with millet, composite furniture kits to order garrison millet zoology catenary, infiltrate " millet pink group " . Its oneself also will do a product to upgrade for " make a service " , build oneself " the interest sleeps pink group " , establish brand loyalty to spend, form " benign abide ring " , make the brand on one hand do by force big, remove the doubt buy cheap online composite fencing 6that the meeting when big product is being bought on consumer line generates on one hand, use vermicelli made from bean starch to undertake deepness popularizes transmission at the same time. It is base with scientific