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  • During is a superintend

    of Public Security is investigated 11 cases, administration, criminal detains 8 people. During is a superintend of central environmental protection, masses environment outdoor wood plastic floor park and gardens terraces balcony and plaza garden ways appeals to beg solve mechanism normalization, consolidate enlarge achievement of environmental protection superintend, hot line of environmental protection superintend opened in city, the superintend after working group of the superintend after how does ikea decking tiles work establishing 5 is begun, drove environmental protection responsibility to fulfil, solved a part to highlight a problem, strong awe the environment violates act. since last year, in all put on record investigates an environment to violate act 5630 cases, punish amount 247 million yuan. Public security, environmental protection investigates diy deck plan calculator criminal case 63 cases jointly, administrative case 157. The United States can raise lumber price only to Canadian cork levy! Department of Commerce of United States announces now, canadian West intelocking wood fence planks Fraser Timber and Canfor company aggregate custom duty parts to be in surely 23.6% with 20.5% , and the aggregate custom duty of Resolute Forest Products and company of Tolko Marketing And Sales keeps changeless. And of