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    process to quicken, drive product structure to upgrade, optimize wool interest rate continuously The town that developed 10 years at full speed in the past how to make above ground pool coping changed a process to stimulate the rapid development of real estate, also drove the swift and violent development of wooden floor industry at the same time. Chinese town changes a course far did not end, at present our country often one year environmental outdoor wood floor tiles protection total expenditure is 45-100 10 thousand. Trade public figure makes known his position, annual the environmental protection of 10 thousand costs 45-100 is the expenditure with not small brushstroke to household company, often be less than to net profit margin of 10% in young household company, become more possibly " square wpc Embossed floor design last straw that presses dead camel " . actually, environmental protection is early not be the new proposition that offers to living in building materials industry any more. 2016, the whole nation cheap way to cover concrete patio deck begins to undertake environmental protection big superintend and director is checked, enterprises of many household building materials are forced to close stop rectify and reform;2017 year, with " technology of environmental mark product