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releases a quantity to exceed

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  • releases a quantity to exceed

    formaldehyde that has 2 batch sample releases a quantity to exceed set limit to to be worth 1.5mg/L. Cause joinery board the formaldehyde that controls woodiness floor board aluminium composite panel suppliers london with macerate ply of paper releases the main reason with unqualified quantity is an enterprise used formaldehyde to release a quantity base material of unqualified Niao aldehyde glue, floor reachs paper of macerate glue film with beaverboard, most enterprise is not additionally board on board composite fencing familiar to product standard, without merchandise inspection method, undertake guarding a pass strictly to commodity of replenish onr's stock hard, the formaldehyde that caused sale commodity releases a quantity to exceed bid. Joinery board what release a quantity with formaldehyde of floor of woodiness of macerate paper lamination is main originate the free formaldehyde front door wood plastic fence in Niao aldehyde glue, because this strengthens Niao aldehyde glue to produce the quality control of the enterprise, ensure the free formaldehyde content of Niao aldehyde glue accords with standard 2x4 resin board materials requirement, can control formaldehyde of man-made board product effectively to release a quantity to transcend the problem of mark. This second selective examination the bibulous ply that has 3 batch sample expands rate is unqualified. Bibulous