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​Floor construction attention

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  • ​Floor construction attention

    1, the general floor temperature of 16 ° C to 30 ° C between the more suitable, so that the timber floor to maintain the best in nature. Spring and autumn is more suitable than summer and winter, 24 hours a day, try to avoid the noon and evening construction, it is best to carry out construction after 2 deformation terrace decking uae
    2, the floor material should be stored at room temperature for two days before paving, and protected with a plastic film. Before installation to ensure the ground and floor cleaning. Before paving, if necessary, brush a thin layer of grout to remove the stain on the floor until the cement dries before paving.high quality waterproof floor coverings
    3, if the wet environment is wet, in addition to good water treatment, it should also be used EPE or other waterproof material to deal with the substrate. Floor shrinkage should be reserved when installed, in addition to the floor and walls to reserve about 1cm floor expansion joints. Floor paint on the floor has a good protective effect.backyard wpc floor sale price
    4, paving a good floor must be covered with paper to avoid the construction of foreign objects or paint drop to the floor. Within 48 hours of laying on the floor, avoid moving around the floor frequently and placing heavy objects so that sufficient time is allowed for the floor adhesive to allow the floor to dry naturally.