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Meyer CF7+ Multi-usage Color Sorter

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  • Meyer CF7+ Multi-usage Color Sorter

    CF Excellent Features:
    1.LED light source — high spectral purity and stable power supply ensures a long lifetime for rice color sorter .
    2.NIR function — impurities are rejected by this function, and ensure the quality of product.
    3.2048 CCD sensor — the top sensor brings the characteristics of high resolution, high recognition and incomparable accuracy for colour sorter machine .
    4.Special enlarged flat chute — it can help the output capacity of machine increase 50% or higher.
    5.FPGA processor — the processing speed and efficiency of mass data are improved by this processor.
    6.Specialized ejector assembly — the material wastage and carryover ratio decrease to minimum.
    7.Enclosed feeding system — this system is adopted in this color sorter machine for protecting vibrators and chutes well, top dust collection device is easy for equipping.
    8.Double air passage — ensuring a stable performance on materials with high impurity.
    9.New operation interface— which supplies a faster and more humanized environment for users.
    10.Fault self-detection system — helping users know more details by diagnosing different faults automatically.

    Company Introduction
    Meyer (stock code: 002690) is the domestic leading supplier of optoelectronic detection and grading equipment.Meyer is improving the match and fusion of optoelectronic detection and quality safety of food and industrial products by adhering to the spirit of “Integrity, Realistic, Innovation”, We provide key equipment as well as fast and efficient solution for food and industrial products safety and medical detection such as rice colour sorter, cereal color sorter, tea color sorter, X-ray detector and digital 3D oral CBCT.In the first of the domestic market share, Meyer’s products with the brand“ANCOO”have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions and are well appreciated by the users.With our innovative spirit of “Discover the world to see a better future”,we will realize more and more ideas in the future to meet your expectation.