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Tom Brady's postgame handshakes came off field after Super Bowl LII

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  • Tom Brady's postgame handshakes came off field after Super Bowl LII

    Considering the way the season ended for the Kansas City Chiefs as well as the amount of holes on defense they need to address this offseason, it would be understandable of some Chiefs fans were still a bit down on their team. But longtime Chiefs radio play-by-play announcer Mitch Holthus thinks the young talent on the current roster is reminiscent of the teams in the 1960s that went to Super Bowl I and Super Bowl IV.

    who has been calling the plays on Chiefs radio since 1994,Authentic Terry Bradshaw Jersey, said during a press conference at Hutchinson Community College Tuesday he believes that once fans recover from the playoff loss to the Tennessee Titans that saw the Chiefs lose a 21-3 lead,Holthus, they'll see a roster that has as many good young players as it has in years.

    we're going to realize this will be the most talented team the Chiefs have had returning of young players that are emerging in their career -- and I went back and looked at this -- probably since the mid-1960s,Womens Jerome Bettis Jersey,"Once we get blood back in our face after the loss to the Titans," Holthus said. "Remember the Chiefs played in Super Bowl I. There were (players like) Buck Buchanan or Bobby Bell or Willie Lanier... who were just emerging. That's kind of where our team is now."

    Yet neither McDaniels nor his agent, made a public statement about any agreement to join the Colts. Their silence, especially when juxtaposed to the enthusiasm and expressiveness of the Colts, Bob Lamont, seems noteworthy in hindsight.

    employment contracts are often difficult and in some cases impossible to enforce in the absence of them being in writing. In the context of an NFL coach,Womens Jack Lambert Jersey, an employment contract is a very detailed understanding of the responsibilities and duties of the job. Had McDaniels and the Colts finalized a written contract,For one, it would have specified:

    The conditions in which the Colts could void McDaniels’s contract or be able to terminate it “with cause”—meaning not have to pay McDaniels on the remainder of the contract—on account of any misconduct.

    Prohibitions on McDaniels taking on other employment while working for the Colts.

    The circumstances in which McDaniels could perform consulting services and independent contractor work outside of his employment with the Colts.

    if the Colts fired him in year 3,Duties on the part of McDaniels to mitigate the amount of money owed to him by the Colts should the Colts fire him without cause; for instance,Womens Kevin Byard Jersey, would McDaniels taking a job with a different NFL team in year 4 cause a salary offset? Would the offset not occur if the job were instead with a college team or a media company? The contract would specify these dynamics.

    The procedures for dispute resolution in the event McDaniels and the Colts , such choice of law clauses and use of mediation and arbitration.

    it’s far more likely that a signed written contract was needed to reveal the parties’ final expression of intent. This seems especially probable given McDaniels’s public silence on the Colts: while McDaniels may have seen an incomplete arrangement, the Colts may have seen a done deal. Unless both sides assented,Those are just a sampling of many important terms that would likely be found. While it’s theoretically possible that McDaniels and the Colts informally agreed on all of those terms,Authentic Ben Roethlisberger Jersey,there was no assent.

    consider that whenever an NFL team hires a coach,Along those lines, Authentic Jerome Bettis Jersey, it does so through a written contract. For the Colts to hire McDaniels without such a contract would seem at odds with NFL business practices.

    In addition,Authentic Antonio Brown Jersey, like other states, recognizes the “Statute of Frauds.” Among other things this legal doctrine dictates that in order to enforce a contract that cannot be performed be performed in one year, Indiana, it must be in writing. McDaniels and the Colts presumably negotiated a multi-year agreement that could not have been performed within one year.

    At least in theory,Womens Ben Roethlisberger Jersey, the Colts might insist that they detrimentally relied on McDaniels’ alleged assurances. Such a claim is sometimes raised in court as “detrimental reliance” and other times as “promissory estoppel.” The gist of it would be that the Colts took McDaniels’s word and then conducted business accordingly.

    None of those scenarios would be grounds for misconduct. They instead reflect healthy competition between an existing employer and a prospective employer over a coveted person.

    Some have speculated that the Colts could argue that the Patriots engaged in tampering. There’s a big problem with such a theory: tampering occurs when one team interferes with another team by trying to convince that other team’s employee to join. In this instance, McDaniels had been a Patriots employee the whole time. The Patriots couldn’t tamper with the Colts when the person of interest was already under contract with the Patriots.

    one claim might be “tortious interference”. Through it,The Colts could instead consider filing a lawsuit against the Patriots. At least in theory, the Colts would insist that the Patriots unlawfully damaged a prospective contractual relationship between the Colts and McDaniels.

    it would be subject to preemption. As mentioned above, the NFL constitution makes clear that disputes between teams must first go to the commissioner. Second,Womens Terry Bradshaw Jersey,A lawsuit along these lines seems far-fetched. For one, the Patriots attempted to retain McDaniels so that they would keep their talented offensive coordinator and ensure that he does not sign with an archrival. That’s not illegal conduct—that’s being competitive in a market economy.

    the Colts hired Matt Eberflus as defensive coordinator, Dave DeGuglielmo as offensive line coach and Mike Phair as defensive line coach. Although Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network reports that the Colts will retain these three coaches,In anticipation of McDaniels taking the job,Authentic Jack Lambert Jersey, these three men will nonetheless have legitimate reason to worry about their Colts employment. Whoever the Colts ultimately hire as head coach won’t be the person who recruited them. Their new boss might be someone they don’t know and who has a very different philosophy about game planning and preparation. That new boss might eventually—and perhaps sooner than later—want or even demand from Colts management the ability to hire other persons to those assistant coach slots.

    it seems unlikely that the assistant coaches would pursue a detrimental reliance claim against McDaniels over their situation. The fact is, they are employed,Still, Authentic Kevin Byard Jersey,albeit with less certainty and under different circumstances than they expected. It’s also possible that they could—like assistant coaches on any team—pursue jobs with other NFL teams. They also took a bit of risk in signing contracts with the Colts before McDaniels signed. A lawsuit would also trigger a time-consuming and energy-draining controversy that the assistant coaches are probably not interested in.