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    Well , when we talk about skydiving as a sport, its emergence is not long back. However, origination of the sport goes back much further. The concept of parachuting actually started in China in the 1100s , which seems quite astonishing because there were no airplanes at that time. The individuals started to develop natural formations wherein they learn to leap and float safely; moreover Leonardo Da Vinci developed a design that portrayed wood frame parachute in pyramid shape which indicates that parachute is much older than anyone can think.

    The concept of skydiving jumped a level ahead after the discovery of airplane, with its evolution it was possible to parachute from faster-moving devices and give way to more outstanding skydiving performances. It is also very interesting to note that the term ?skydiving? has came to existence recently, previously the sport was famous as parachuting. Skydiving , appeared as the mainstream hobby after world war second, prominently the soldiers had great craze to experience the freefall.

    In today?s world skydiving is considered to be the most adventurous hobby and a popular extreme sport. Almost thousands of people every year make their way to steep out of a speedy aircraft and experience the thrill of free falling. While you head to experience the thrill for the very first time tandem jumps are the best to start off with. While experiencing tandem skydiving you will be bonded with an experienced jumper which will be responsible for tracking altitude and controlling the parachute. Firstly it starts off with the ground training that lasts for thirty minutes and after its completion the instructors give way to real time jumping experience.

    The major factor that has to be kept in mind while you head for this sport is health and safety. The one experiencing the activity has to step out of the airplane, in free fall , the speed is attained upto 110 miles perhour.Therefore, if you have a high blood pressure or any kind of heart problem, consult your doctor and instructor first and then go for your jump.

    ?Goskydive? , is one of the prominent names that let you have best skydiving experience. Although, some people might think that the experience can be a deadly affair, but once you experience you will find it rejuvenating. And with experts like; Goskydive? you need not to worry about your safety , as their team of experts are always ready to guide you.

    Anyway, if you love to experience the thrill that is hard to beat, skydiving is the way to face your fears.
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