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    Faridabad , the largest city in Indian state of Haryana of Northern India and is located on the plains of Yamuna River. It is the industrial hub of state Haryana. Faridabad is famous for henna production as information from internet has been collected. Faridabad is city of a prime location both geographically and politically. For the ease of Civil Administration, Faridabad district is divided into two sub divisions viz. Faridabad and Ballabgarh each headed by a Sub Divisional Magistrate. This has been geographical description regarding the city of Faridabad and its common cultivation.

    Faridabad is one of developing cities in India. Till date it has been developed with many features. The most important and attractive feature in Faridabad is its adequate educational academies. There are many educational centers in this city of Faridabad. Engineering colleges, universities, schools , and other higher educational centers are easily available here in this city of Faridabad. As educational extent in entire India is being developed with all positive consequences then why this rising city should be apart from all such achievements. The Haryana state government came up with such schemes and strategies which helped in getting established with numbers of educational centers. Government has invested lots of money on establishing required numbers of educational centers in Faridabad.

    Education keeps one or one place alive and provides energy to work with. Education is one of the basic needs in human’s life. A person who is well-educated can do much more things and can achieve much success in life than a person who is not educated and or literate because this world serves the educated and knowledgeable persons. This world bows its head in front of educated & well-literate or knowledgeable persons only. So, valuable person is only educated persons. So, to provide quality and proper education to the society and the children of the society the city of Faridabad has come up with many schools which can promisingly provide quality education to the children who are considered as the future group of our society. If children in their childhood do not get to receive proper education then how higher education and other degrees can be possible for him to pursue. This is an important fact of our country which should be given a deep and intense thought.

    Faridabad’ schools are today being counted as top most schools and among world class schools in India. These schools apparently have proved their skills and capabilities. Teachers are very much experienced and skilled; they are skilled at handling and taking care of children with their utmost attention too.

    All the schools viz. play schools, public schools in Faridabad are additionally beaded with all the advanced technology. Classrooms are converted into smart classrooms , as projectors are installed and connected to high-speed internet services so that teachers and students both can have the best utilization of advanced and latest technology. This is the internal description of Faridabad schools. Additionally, extracurricular facilities are also very much developed in such schools.
    Faridabad, including all other developing cities in India got well-established with high and advanced educational facilities. The marking or labeling of the materials or work pieces with the help of laser beam is known as Laser Marking. This technology is used in the printing field. This technology is applied on different materials like plastic, rubber http://www.officialshopsaintsauthent...eo-jersey.html , silicon chips and metal. The 90% market is occupied by the laser marking. Laser marking is done as per the requirement of the material and the required quality. A laser marker is ideal for bar codes, QR codes, UID codes, Logos as well as used for other identification.

    Comparing to chemical corrosion http://www.officialshopsaintsauthent...rd-jersey.html , other usual traditional mechanical engraving and oil ink printing or network printing, the low cost, high flexibility and the computer-controlled system makes the laser printing more flexible for everyone. The Laser Marking Machine is differentiated by the laser source used in the machine. Mainly there are CO2 or gas lasers, fiber lasers and crystal lasers.

    Advantages of Laser Marking Machine:

    • The laser-marking machine is more clear compared to an inkjet printer.
    • Image and quality both are approved by the laser marking machine.
    • Laser Marking Machine is faster as well as able to large production requirement is completed.
    • There is no need to input any material from the tube. Laser marking machine is the one time input marking machine.
    • Laser Marking Machine is environmentally friendly.
    • By contactless marking , no mechanical stress on the parts.
    • For small markings durable and good readability is provided.
    • Lower maintenance cost.

    The Fiber Laser Marker is the latest development of the laser marking machine. In this, the fibers are pushed with the LEDs i.e. light emitting diodes. The light passes through the optical head and to generate the laser mark the beam is expanded. Through fiber laser marker produces much good and high quality beam comparing to laser marking machine. It also reduces instability and cost.

    Fiber Laser Marker is full of advantages and the latest version in the laser marking area, also the fiber laser machine gives the advantages to both manufacturers as well as end users. List out the advantages of Fiber Laser Marker as here-

    • Enhanced and stable marking performance
    • Reduce maintenance cost
    • Fiber Laser Marker is most demanding for industrial environment
    • Gives financial benefits for manufacturers
    • By the use of fiber laser marker to design a mechanical system becomes very easy
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