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Nokia introduces Beacon 1 WiFi mesh router

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  • Nokia introduces Beacon 1 WiFi mesh router

    Nokia introduces Beacon 1 WiFi mesh router
    Nokia has quietly launched its latest WiFi mesh router - the Beacon 1 which aims to offer an experience similar to the Beacon 3 at a lower price. The unit supports 802.11 k/v Dual-Band Wi-Fi with AC1200 speeds and has 2-gigabit Ethernet ports.industrial gsm router
    A single Beacon 1 router can cover an estimated 140 square meters (1500 sq. feet) but undoubtedly its key feature is its mesh support where you can hook three of them to seamlessly cover even larger areas up to 420 square meters (4500 sq. feet).
    Nokia also provides its Wi-Fi app to managing the devices. From there you get a heat map for fixing dead zones as well as a list of connected devices. There’s also a pre-pairing feature for the Beacon 1 multi packs which allows you to install only one of the routers while the others will set up and connect automatically.
    The Beacon 1 router is priced at $129 while a three-pack goes for $299. Both variants are already available on Amazon.
    Is the technology worth jumping on right away? Probably not, as it will certainly take a few years for 5G coverage to match the reach of 4G networks right now. But if you happen to live somewhere where reliable broadband connectivity has been hard to come by, 5G maybe, possibly, could finally solve your connectivity woes.