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    Braid on the steering wheel is not a necessity in the cabin of your car. However, it is used by almost every self-respecting and his car enthusiast. However, it is not enough just to buy a braid on the steering wheel – you still need to choose it correctly.

    Let's take a little tour and try to figure out what are the braids, what they need and how to choose the right braid on the steering wheel.

    Protection of the steering wheel from damage. It does not matter what material is made of the original factory steering wheel, over time it is rubbed, its upper protective layer is erased, and then painted and the inner layer. As a result, inevitably comes a time when the steering wheel needs to be replaced or repaired. Cover helps to extend the durability of the steering wheel – protects it from abrasion.

    Ease of driving. Efficiently and choosing the right braid is an impact on the comfort while driving. It improves the grip of the driver's hands with the steering wheel. Basically, the braid slightly increases the steering rim, but there are also those that practically do not thicken the volume of the steering wheel and contribute only to comfort when driving. And if the steering braid is made of high quality material, your hands will practically not sweat and slide in the heat or freeze in the cold. 5 Best Steering Wheel Covers | Exceptionally Comfortable and Super Protective Driving Wheel Covers for Your Car | Buyer’s Guide 2019

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    Beauty and aesthetics. Along with seat covers, braid on the steering wheel is one of the brightest and most noticeable accessories of the car interior. Only by changing the braid, you can significantly transform the interior. If you pick up the braid to match the upholstery or seat covers, the interior will be stylish. And if you choose a contrasting braid interior, it will make the interior of the car original and bright.

    The dimensions of the braid must strictly correspond to the dimensions of the steering wheel. The sizes of braids - S, M and L. M - is the size of the steering wheel of most cars. But to make sure, it is better to check the diameter of the steering wheel with a ruler on your car. Size L - 39-40 cm,

    M -37-38 cm, S–35-37 cm

    When choosing a braid on the steering wheel, it is necessary to provide that in no case the obedience of the steering wheel has decreased. Inside all braids there is a special rubber insert in a circle, due to which a close contact of the cover directly with the wheel is created - the braid is tightly fixed and does not scroll during movement.

    Materials of braids will also please: there are models of genuine leather, artificial leather, fur, textiles. Each model has a different color scheme.
    We’ve spent 55 hours researching the best steering wheel covers to come up with the TOP 5 Best Steering Wheels that are currently available on the market. Read our complete and extensive review to choose the best one for your car! Buyer’s Guide 2019