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    1) Through the first quarter of the 2018 NFL season Youth Roquan Smith Jersey , my Super Bowl pick of the Los Angeles Rams is looking damn good. They won a shootout with the Minnesota Vikings back on Thursday Night Football, 38-31, with L.A. QB Jared Goff lighting it up with 5 TD passes and 465 yards. I’m old enough to remember when he was going to be a bust. 2) My pick to come out of the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers (whoops), are stumbling along at 1-2-1. Their defense doesn’t look very good, but I wonder how much a good running game would help keep that defense off the field. Le’Veon Bell continues to hold out for the Steelers, and the situation with the Seattle Seahawks’ Earl Thomas is exactly why. Thomas came back form his hold out, without getting the new deal he wanted, and on Sunday he broke his leg. 2a) Thomas’ season is over and he’ll be a free agent in 2019. Players only get a small window to maximize their earning potential, so I’ll never begrudge an athlete for trying to do that. Thomas’ teammate, Bobby Wagner, shared his thoughts on social media, and then Pittsburgh’s Bell chimed in as well. 3) The Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Tennessee Titans in overtime, 26-23, but I don’t buy the Super Bowl hangover talk surrounding them. I think the Titans are a solid team, and their other loss was to hot Tampa Buccaneers team when Fitz-Magic was still a thing. 4) And speaking of Ryan Fitzpatrick, he’s heading back to the bench. Bucs coach Dirk Koetter is turning to Jameis Winston to start their week 6 game after their bye. That makes two straight teams that the Bears knocked a starting QB back to second string. Also Youth Eddie Goldman Jersey , the Bears have played 4 games and faced 7 quarterbacks. 5) A week after the Buffalo Bills pulled off one of the biggest upsets ever, shellacking the Vikings, the real Bills returned to get shut out by the Green Bay Packers, 22-0. The Pack improved to 2-1-1, a half game behind the NFC North leading Chicago Bears. 6) The Detroit Lions were riding high after taking it to the New England Patriots in their week 3 match-up, but a last second loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday dropped them to 1-3 and last place in the NFC North. The Cowboys were powered by league leading rusher Ezekiel Elliott’s 240 yards from scrimmage, and three sacks by Demarcus Lawrence who leads the league with 5.5. 7) The New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees is just 201 yards away from becoming the NFL’s all time leader in passing yardage.When you think about all time great quarterbacks in the NFL, does Brees’ name ever pop up? Is it possible that someone who has been as historically good as he has is underrated?8) After having a so-so opener in Kansas City, Houston Texans’ QB Deshaun Watson has settled back into the exciting player he looked like last year. In his last three games, in which the Texans are 1-2, Watson is completing 65.8% of his passes, he has 1,070 yards, with 6 TDs, 3 Ints, a passer rating of 102.6, 121 yards on the ground and a TD. The 1-3 Texans have two winnable games up the next two weeks (Buffalo and Dallas) Youth Cody Whitehair Jersey , then a week 7 game against the Jaguars that could be a pivotal one in the AFC.9) Patrick Mahomes and the 4-0 Kansas City Chiefs are a fun team to watch. Mahomes faced some adversity in Denver, but he led his team back after being down 10 in the fourth quarter against the Broncos. Through 4 games, he’s a legit MVP candidate. He also did this...And he’s done thins too...10) Not only did Mitchell Trubisky have a break out game on Sunday, but he did so while doing two things some analysts have questioned about his game. He threw to his left a few times as evidenced by his Next Gen Stats chart below.But he also had plenty of deep shots in the game. It’s almost like he said, ‘enough with your bull**** narratives.’What thoughts do you guys have on the NFL this week?Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2018: Week 1 vs Green Bay Packers After being one of the most sacked quarterbacks as a rookie with a sack percentage of 8.6, I expected Mitchell Trubisky to see that number decline in his second year as the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears. Pocket awareness is something that takes time to learn at the NFL level, and most young QBs struggle with it. He’s still very early in his career, but his awareness on Sunday Night was a problem. One possible reason; he’s in a new offense on a very big stage and the moment may have gotten the best of him against the Green Bay Packers. Another possible reason; he’s just not very aware of his surroundings. By the end of the 2018 season we’ll know which it is. If you’re new to my Sackwatch series, it’s me breaking down every sack the Bears allow. The idea was first floated to me by WCG’s resident snark, Kev H, back in the Mike Martz years. And as someone tired of seeing casual fans blame the offensive line for every sack allowed, I figured this would be a good way to show how much more goes into pass protection. Each week I’ll start the article taking a look back through the years, then I’ll break down each game’s sack, and finally I’ll keep a running tally the sacks allowed. Enjoy...Sackwatch After Week 1:2010 Sacks - 4 (Martz)2011 Sacks - 5 (Martz)2012 Sacks - 2 (Tice)2013 Sacks - 0 (Trestman)2014 Sacks - 2 (Trestman)2015 Sacks - 2 (Gase)2016 Sacks - 5 (Loggains)2017 Sacks - 4 (Loggains)2018 Sacks - 4 (Nagy)Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty...Sack 1 - First Quarter 2:49 - Kentrell BriceThis was neat play to break down because it’s run from a formation I used back in the day. In my terminology this is, Blue right, Z-Mo, fake 23 lead http://www.bearsfootballauthentics.c...rsey-authentic , max protect. Only the X and Z receivers go out for a pass, so the fact that the Packers got pressure is troublesome, but the pressure unfortunately complimented each other perfectly. Eric Kush (left guard) loses his block on Mike Daniels (#76), but Howard is there to clean up. Tight end Dion Sims (lined up on the right side) gives the edge up too quickly to linebacker Reggie Gilbert (#93). Fullback Michael Burton was moving to that side to help, but it was a tough angle considering how deep Gilbert got. The Packers only sent five initially, so seven on five should have been a win for the Bears, but Sims’ losing his block so quickly spooked Trubisky. He stepped up, but Daniels was there after beating Kush. With the first pressure sending him directly to the second pressure, Trubisky took off. By running out of bounds for zero yards, this sack goes to safety Kentrell Brice, who was closest to him, but I think the sack allowed should go to the two players that ultimately lead to the scramble, Half to Kush and half to Sims. Sack 2 - Second Quarter 6:49 - TeamThis one was immediately called Butt Fumble 2 on Twitter after it happened, and I really hope that doesn’t stick. Now if it was Butt Fumble 2, Electric Boogaloo, that’d be a different story.It’s an empty backfield on 4th and 4, and Trubisky thought he saw a lane to get the first on his own. The lane closed http://www.bearsfootballauthentics.c...rsey-authentic , and he couldn’t react quick enough. He collided with his right tackle and dropped the ball. This sack is on Trubisky.Sack 3 - Fourth Quarter 8:29 - Mike DanielsThis is another run for zero yards that is officially called a sack. I hate that rule. A sack is a negative play, and zero yards isn’t negative. On this play, the Bears pass protection creates a nice pocket for Trubisky, but he seems to anticipate a breakdown that isn’t there and he takes off. With experience he hopefully stays in the pocket and scans the field if this situation arises again, but right now he may trust his athleticism more than he trusts his new scheme. This one is on Mitch.Sack 4 - Fourth Quarter 1:06 - Nick PerryOn this sack, Trubisky starts drifting to his right before he has to. My first thought was he sensed the pressure from Perry off the left edge, but if that was the case, then why stand still after Perry beat left tackle Charles Leno?Leno got his head out in front of his feet too much when Perry tried going back outside, and that’s a mistake. But Trubisky had time to throw, and he didn’t feel the rush at all. I don’t want to let Leno completely off the hook for getting beat, so a half a sack allowed to him, but Trubisky is getting the other half. I was curious, so here’s what Pro Football Focus said about all the sacks and pressures.Individual Sackwatch after week 1:Mitchell Trubisky - 2.5Dion Sims - .5Erik Kush - .5Charles Leno - .5