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Could polarizing Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield save the Jets?

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  • Could polarizing Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield save the Jets?

    He is fearless and fiery and not everyone’s cup of tea. He has brass cajones and doesn’t mind grabbing them in public to tell the opponent exactly how he feels about them. He is gutsy, electric and the owner of a coveted piece of stiff-arming hardware.

    Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is the most polarizing prospect at Senior Bowl week,Womens Sidney Jones Jersey, a game-changing college force facing a litany of questions before he plays at the next level.

    “Everybody wants to portray the bad boy, but no,Womens Rasul Douglas Jersey, the Johnny Manziel stuff,” Mayfield said Tuesday. “I love the game of football. There’s no doubt about that. Emotional player. I’ll do whatever it takes to win. I love being around my teammates and I love leading and having responsibility.”

    Mayfield could ignite the Jets’ flame or flame out in the biggest, brightest place of them all. He could be Broadway Baker and galvanize a frustrated fan base.

    “Football’s everything,Womens Donnel Pumphrey Jersey, learn what I’m all about. It’s brought me some of my best friends and brought my family closer together … realizing that you got to keep your inner circle tight. So,” Mayfield said. “It’s led me to be a better man. It’s challenged me. It’s made me face adversity, there’s a lot of things that have stemmed from the game of football. It’s much more than just a game.”

    Mayfield believes he’d fit in “perfectly fine” with the Giants and Jets,Womens Mack Hollins Jersey, respectively, who own the No. 2 and No. 6 picks, prompting some to wonder what life in the big city would be like for the free-wheeling gun-slinger.

    Would Mayfield flourish or flutter in New York?

    His every move in college was seemingly dissected. He rarely backed down,Womens Jordan Hicks Jersey, speaking his mind before playing his derriere off.

    The Jets, could use some of that chutzpah, to bring juice to their offense, frankly,Authentic Wendell Smallwood Jersey, but there are fair questions about whether such a mix between bright lights/big city and big personality would ultimately work.

    The Pittsburgh Penguins lead the NHL with five power play goals during five-on-three man-advantages. They have done this in 6:33 minutes. Boston is also proficient with four goals in 4:19 while Nashville also has four goals but in 8:25.

    Columbus,There are eight teams who have failed to score in similar situations. They are Edmonton, Arizona, Washington, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Vegas and St. Louis.

    You can’t really blame the Kings as they have had the two-man advantage for only 23 seconds all season. But Arizona has been awful. They have had 11:29 of five-on-three play with nary a goal. The Blues aren’t great either with 7:58 of time with a two-man-advantage without a goal.

    has 13 goals and 23 assists in 47 games this season. The 20-year NHL veteran ranks second among active players in career points with 1,Thornton,427, 38, trailing only ageless wonder Jaromir Jagr (1,921).

    Patrick Kane's name is nowhere to be found on Sylvain Turgeon's trading card from the 1994-95 Pinnacle hockey set.

    But when his 6-year-old face was spotted on it a couple of years later, like any young kid would, the card became priceless to the Blackhawks All-Star forward and his family. "You could look at that picture and I'm just a young kid looking up at some hockey players," Patrick Kane said.

    After Kane became a star in the NHL many years later, the monetary value of the card went up as well.

    The fact such a card exists is improbable.

    staring wide-eyed at Hall of Famer Dale Hawerchuk,That Kane happens to be sitting on his father's lap, seems almost impossible.

    Sandwiched between two Sabres players, Turgeon is shown sailing through the air. A photographer captured the moment, Hawerchuk (No. 10) and defensemen Doug Bodger (No. 8), Pinnacle used it as Turgeon's card and the unofficial Patrick Kane rookie card was born.

    Considered a common card worth about a dime for its first 13 years of existence, one sold for more than $70 soon after Kane established himself as one of the game's best players.

    "That's some pretty good value," Turgeon said with a laugh. "There must be some reason behind it. It's because he's sitting in the stands."

    The New England Patriots are in the news. Heading to the Super Bowl and whatnot. Pretty fun.

    of course,With the added attention, and it was just last year that a major publications in Atlanta was spreading falsehoods and inaccuracies on the inflation levels of footballs,Authentic Rasul Douglas Jersey, and two years prior to that we witnessed Bill Nye The Science Guy (and The Seahawks Fan) besmirch his title by lying about science. (Et tu, comes a flood of people sharing opinions about the always-controversial football team from Foxboro. It comes with the territory of making the Super Bowl, Bill Nye? Et tu?) Neil DeGrasse Tyson beefed the science,Authentic Donnel Pumphrey Jersey, too.

    It’s pretty entertaining to watch people and organizations ruin their reputations because the football team from New England makes them lose their minds. Sports are funny.

    as you might imagine,Anyway, the folks in Philadelphia will be spewing some rhetoric in the next week-plus about cheaters and Spygate and DeflateGate and all of that fun stuff. And it kicked off in a big way with former NFL fullback-turned-Philly radio host Jon Ritchie.

    In the open to his show on Wednesday,Authentic Mack Hollins Jersey, Ritchie — who was on the 2001 Raiders that lost the Snow Bowl and was on injured reserve for the 2004 Eagles that lost Super Bowl XXXIX to the Patriots — was asked to explain why he hates the Patriots. He started off on some shaky ground!

    my teams and the Patriots. They videotaped our practices,“We have a checkered history,” Ritchie said matter-of-factly. “And Roger Goodell destroyed the tapes. They videotaped our practices,Authentic Jordan Hicks Jersey, me and the Patriots, they beat us in the Super Bowl after watching those videotapes, and seemingly knew a lot of what we were doing.”

    Perhaps relevant to this conversation: The Patriots didn’t record the Eagles’ practices. They’ve never even been accused of recording the Eagles’ practices.

    The Patriots didn’t actually tape any practices. What they did was film coaches on the sideline from cameras based in the wrong location. Had they shot the same footage from a different spot in the stadium,Authentic Isaac Seumalo Jersey, it would have been legal.

    That’s not just some jamoke from Boston saying that. It’s the rule. See, here:

    on the field,The “Game Operations Manual” states that “no video recording devices of any kind are permitted to be in use in the coaches’ booth, or in the locker room during the game.” The manual states that “all video shooting locations must be enclosed on all sides with a roof overhead.”

    Can’t film from the sideline. Can film from an enclosed room with a roof overhead. That was the Patriots’ violation.

    Three years ago,Womens Isaac Seumalo Jersey, Belichick finally broke his silence on the absurdity of the whole “scandal.”

    “A guy is giving signals in front of 80, too,000 people,000 people. … 80,” Belichick said before flying out to Phoenix for Super Bowl XLIX. “Guy is in front of 80,000 people saw it, everybody on the sideline saw it,000 people like there were a lot of other teams doing at that time, OK? So we filmed them taking signals in front of 80, everybody sees our guys in front of 80,000 people. I mean, there he is.”

    When it comes to actually filming a practice? Still didn’t happen.

    The Patriots were accused of filming the Rams’ walkthrough prior to Super Bowl XXXVI in a story that ran prior to Super Bowl XLII in February 2008, but the Boston Herald had to run an apology for that story being wrong. Some Rams players have held on to the belief that the Patriots knew all of their secrets, but they are generally incorrect. That includes the accusations of Marshall Faulk, who was recently suspended indefinitely from his job at NFL Network over sexual harassment allegations.

    Oh, and as for Goodell destroying tapes, that did happen — largely because Goodell is an incompetent leader and doesn’t understand many things. But he also did play videos obtained from the Patriots before a press conference in 2008. They showed coaches on the sidelines … during football games. Here’s a picture of those videos playing for media members:

    Things went from bad to worse for New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson in the early hours of Jan. 19 when he was arrested on nine charges in South Florida.

    According to report, Anderson allegedly threatened to sexually assault a police officer’s wife while sitting in the back of a patrol vehicle. He was picked up after going 105 mph in a 45 mph zone.

    Now, Anderson’s attorney is speaking out against accusations of Anderson’s sexual assault threat.

    “First of all, I don’t believe that’s accurate,” Ed O’Donnell told Newsday. “It doesn’t fit the statutory charge people get with a crime like that. Adrenaline was flying on both sides. Robby never threatened to rape anybody. The statutory requirements are not there.”