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What Miami Dolphins brass said about keeping Jarvis Landry Wednesday

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  • What Miami Dolphins brass said about keeping Jarvis Landry Wednesday

    The Miami Dolphins want to keep Jarvis Landry and Landry wants to stay a Dolphin.

    and not make moves in public,So there is plenty of time to negotiate, and so that’s exactly why Dolphins executive vice president Mike Tannenbaum and general manager Chris Grier didn’t show their cards when asked to at Miami’s year-end news conference on Wednesday.

    we’d keep them all. There is a salary cap. We’ll make those decisions at the appropriate time within the context of what’s best for the organization.”,“In negotiation we wouldn’t comment publicly, we want to draft, philosophically,” Tannenbaum said. “But as Chris (Grier) said, develop and keep as many of our own as possible. So we’ll see what happens with Jarvis and a few other noteworthy free agents. In a perfect world

    if necessary., perhaps in the 4- to 5-year,There is every reason to believe a deal gets done, $13.5 to $14.5 million a season range. Miami is even prepared to use a franchise tag

    and had here. So Jarvis is one of many players that we’ll be talking about over the next few weeks.”,” Grier said. “During the season we’re always focused on our opponents. We want to keep the guys we know,“I think we have really just started the evaluation of our team, we’ve developed

    Adam Gase ended his next-to-last news conference of the season with some straight talk Thursday:

    “Nobody has done anything great. We’re one of the worst offenses in the league and back half on defense. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

    The Miami Herald asked defensive coordinator Matt Burke and offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen what most disappointed them about this season.

    Christensen was particularly irked that the Dolphins “failed miserably” in December games at Buffalo and Kansas City.

    you’re destined to be average or below.,“We [had] the formula put on us. Protect the ball, we did that. Against two playoff contention teams, not have dumb penalties. First game in December against New England, run the ball well, we failed miserably. Both teams had zero turnovers against us. We turned it over and didn’t give us a chance. That’s really disappointing. If you can’t play in December

    at Kansas City,“This league is about doing it week in and week out. Everyone can do it every once in a while. This league is about being able to do it against a Buffalo, under pressure. … We haven’t proved we can do it in December and do it in big AFC games on the road in December. That’s disappointing.”

    ” Christensen said. “Some of it is learned behavior. Some people never get it and they disappear from the league. That’s why you see a lot of turnover on the roster. The inconsistent NFL players have a name: graduate student. They are back in school. That’s their name. Let’s cut the crap. That’s the truth.”,“Good teams are defined [by consistency]

    ” Christensen cracked.,And what do inconsistent coaches become? “StateFarm agents

    Run blocking also irked Christensen. He said “for the 137th time this year,” he would use the word “inconsistent. Sometimes you say, ‘Man we’re getting it’ and other times you say, ‘How does that happen? How do you set him free?’ We haven’t played well enough up front. Overall not satisfactory, not good enough. We haven’t rushed the ball or protected the way we needed to do it.”

    As for Burke,Authentic Trae Waynes Jersey, his group improved against the run (Miami ranks 16th in rushing yards per attempt by the opponent) but is 24th in yards per play by the opponent, 21st in passing yards allowed per play, 26th in sacks relinquished per pass play — and most importantly, 28th in points allowed.

    “Statistically,Authentic Danielle Hunter Jersey, some of the things we stressed haven’t had success: takeaways, red zone defense,” Burke said. “Our only real positive statistic has been third downs and we haven’t been good in those last two games.”

    The Dolphins,Authentic Lawrence Taylor Jersey, for a decade, have had trouble defending tight ends,Authentic Evan Engram Jersey, with Kansas City’s Travis Kelce the latest to torment Miami. This season, Miami has allowed 87 catches against tight ends (tied with Cleveland for most in the league), 944 passing yards by tight ends (fourth most in the league) and nine TDs (third most in the league).

    ” Burke said.,Authentic Landon Collins Jersey,“Tight ends that have been hybrid weapons is sort of a trend in the NFL

    among others. “That is how the league is going and we have to be able to address those issues and those matchups.”,Burke acknowledged the need “for us is finding similar hybrid defenders who can [defend] those type of things — whether safeties or linebackers who can cover those type of guys” — mentioning tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Charles Clay

    They talked about offseason plans. Actually, they didn’t talk about them. Yet everyone knows their first order of business is the hardest: receiver Jarvis Landry, yea or nay?

    Right up to the final game and these opening moments of offseason, the plan seemed to be to pay Landry — to overpay him, really. Because they would have to pay him like the No. 1 receiver he isn’t. Landry is about to set sail for free agency, where he’s earned the right to be competitive and selfish about his needs — and he’s always competitive and often selfish, anyway.

    That’s the one concern, of course. There’s a reason the Dolphins didn’t sign Landry last offseason while throwing unnecessary millions for pedestrian players like Kiko Alonso and Andre Branch. It’s that Landry was, in the words of one source, “a handful.”

    How? Well, he was kicked out of a practice in 2016 for getting on quarterback Ryan Tannehill. That’s one example. But the Landry of this season got more with the program, it was repeated and repeated, right up to the final game when his mind went wild, he started a fight and got ejected.

    On a day where little else was said, Gase was ready for this question. He called Landry’s behavior,Womens Odell Beckham Jr Jersey, “about as embarrassing as I’ve seen in a long time. That was very frustrating to watch and standing there and not being able to do anything. We need way better control from our best players in the heat of the moment.”

    Will it affect the decision of whether to bring Landry back?

    ” he said. “But at the same time we have to make sure we look at everything that we’ve been doing over the last couple of years and really that’s where our decisions are made. We look at the body of work and see what direction we want to go in.”,Womens Landon Collins Jersey, “I think you can’t take one isolated incident and overreact

    Translation: Stay tuned. Landry, they know, is a handful. You know who else was a handful? Jay Ajayi,Womens Trae Waynes Jersey,Womens Lawrence Taylor Jersey, as we found out when he was traded to Philadelphia.

    That’s not to say that’s the plan for Landry. It’s to say we’ll have to see what the plan is.

    That was the catch-all phrase Wednesday,Womens Danielle Hunter Jersey,and let’s face it, there are easy decisions ahead. Julius Thomas, Jay Cutler,Authentic Odell Beckham Jr Jersey,James is the big loss. He was a first-round pick in 2014, Lawrence Timmons and Ja’Wuan James won’t be back. Of them, after all. He costs $9 million right now, but that could be scaled back to something digestible.

    The problem is he went out in midseason and wasn’t missed. The line actually improved with reserve Sam Young at right tackle. So,Womens Evan Engram Jersey, no, James isn’t a hard decision.

    Landry? For months, the idea has been they’d overpay for him, just as they have to do. Gase pumped the brakes on that Wednesday. Stay tuned. The hard decisions have begun.