In the offseason, rugby vice president Howey - Roseman multi-functional operation, take over Alsace - Geoffrey, Torrie - Smith, run Wei Leightaite - Blount have come to vote. At the same time the team also signed the Falls as a backup quarterback, and in the midst of the season trading to Madden 18 Coins the runway Jay - Ajay.Unexpectedly after the start of the season, Wenger's growth and the joining of these strong aid, let the Hawks offensive team reborn. In addition to losing to the Chiefs led by mentor Reid in the second week, the Hawks won 10 of the first 11 games, including a wave of nine straight wins.

In the middle of the team has also experienced some setbacks, left tackle Jason Peters, Karl Karl - Sturgeon kickers, running back Darren - Spalon, Jordan Jordan midfielder - Sri Lanka and other generals have boarded the list of injuries, but Peterson coaching-led offensive team, led by Wentz has been maintaining a stable play, in which attack on the second-year offensive front lineup Harlow Prietati-Vaitai To come forward, to withstand the vacancy left by Peters, while the right tackle Jason - Kelsey is hit the top performance, the team's attack striker, along with Schwartz coach defensive striker, has become The most terrible frontcourt league. As the other teams in the NLF have left behind, the Hawks return to the playoffs has become a matter of time, and Vents even became a popular candidate for the regular season MVP. Peterson coach has also become the best coach of the season. The next 13 weeks the team away lost to the Seahawks, winning streak ended, but the situation is still excellent.