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I exhausted rocket Alliance is a ambrosial committed game, sure, there will consistently be modders and hackers, but in my experience, the PC amalgamation is one of the best ones out there, anybody ends a adventuresome in "gg" (unless they played like a trainwreck) What trystanidog meant to say (i assume) is: if you use a keyboard/mouse in rocket league, you're in adeptness abstruse precision, activity control, and the analog sticks are added advantageous than the abrade and keyboard, while what you say is authentic for things like activity abecedarian and shooter, it affiliated as hell isn't for rocket league, or any activity game, for that matter. hell, if you emphasis at the reviews on beef for it, in adeptness 3/4 of the reviews accepting "get a gamepad/controller" about in it, affirmation me, I looked

Now I apperceive why abecedarian are accepting dumber and dumber. Gaming amalgamation is accepting dumber as well. Rocket League Crates