Used to highlight the natural and beautiful outdoor gardening, for the selection of materials with the ground, will use a lot of stone or wood natural wood preservative flooring to highlight the more natural garden art feeling.
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Preservative wood flooring is the choice of a certain degree of hardness, density and corrosion-resistant high-quality wood, and after a series of special processing and the formation. Such as the use of preservative processing, or its carbonization of the special processing technology, so that the wooden flooring to achieve a good anti-corrosion, Fang Zhu, and waterproof performance, which is well adapted to a variety of harsh outdoor environment.
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In fact, wood preservative flooring is not necessarily a patent for outdoor gardening. In the limited balconies in the home, paving a layer of antiseptic wood floor in the ground is also a good choice. Especially for gardening enthusiasts, the use of antiseptic wood flooring in balconies not only makes the hard, tedious balconies vibrant, but the perfect combination of planted flowers and wood floors enhances the overall style of the balcony Grade.
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In the home environment, wood preservative flooring, whether in the balcony or on the terrace space, can perform well its performance function, which is also more varied with the more varied. The overall performance, not only to extend the traditional wooden flooring with methods, but also with pebbles or sand as a decorative mix, in order to create a rather emotional mini garden.