Good or bad solid wood flooring advantages and disadvantages analysis
1, durability The nature of solid wood flooring to ensure the durability of solid wood flooring, wood drying, the whole piece of wood processing for the thickness of uniform 18mm, very durable.
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2, pollution-free natural wood itself does not contain formaldehyde, so safe.
3, Feel good solid wood flooring, high softness, so stepped on the wood floor, then, I feel very comfortable.
4, the production of wood natural wood flooring to give up the complex process, to abandon too much in the processing, the maximum extent to retain the original pattern of the natural wood.
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1, difficult to maintain the nature of solid wood flooring also makes it no more stable than the complex processing of the floor, so the indoor environment is too humid or dry solid wood flooring arch, warping or deformation and other issues.

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2, the traditional wood flooring timber must be taken from many years of virgin forest, there is greater waste and destruction of the remaining forest resources.